Charleston Townes is Pet Friendly – You MUST Have a Pet Lease!

The down-payment is $400: $200 is refundable if there are no pet-related damages at move-out; $200 is nonrefundable to deodorize & deflea the premises at move-out. The monthly pet rent is $35 for a dog and $25 for a cat. If you would like to get a cat/dog, we’ll need written approval from all your roommates (a simple email to the Property Manager is perfect!) before a Pet Lease can be signed.  Please keep in mind that aggressive breeds (Rottweiler’s or Pit Bulls) are not allowed. German Sheppard’s & Bulldogs are considered on a case-by-case basis.  UNDISCLOSED PETS RESULT IN A $100/PERSON FINE PER OCCURRENCE!  Be sure to promptly sign a Pet Lease to ensure you (or your roommates!) aren’t subject to a fine.

Don't Get Towed!

Charleston Townes tows every day, from 9pm-9am. Here’s how to avoid you or your guests getting towed:

  • Every resident gets a parking sticker, free of charge, upon move in – make sure this is firmly affixed to the back of your vehicle for the towing representative to see.
  • Each unit also gets 2 guest parking hang tags, that allow their guests to park anywhere in the Charleston lot. Do NOT allow a guest to park in our lot without a guest pass – they WILL BE TOWED! If your unit is already using it’s 2 guest passes, guests can park across the street in the last row (closest to Lucy Drive) of the Valley Fitness parking lot without being towed.

If you happen to lose a pass, replacements can be purchased in the office for $75, via check or money order, made out to Matchbox Realty.

If you run into an unfortunate circumstance, such as your car being totaled, please contact your Property Manager ASAP to find out how to go about getting a new pass, free of charge.

In the event that you or your guest’s car is towed, please contact 1st Choice Towing at (540) 478-4869. Their releasing hours for impounded vehicles are: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (by appointment ONLY), and Saturday-Sunday, 11am-1pm.”

How to Avoid Fines

At Charleston Townes we complete frequent, random exterior inspections to keep our community looking its’ best and to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents (monthly exterior light inspections, bi-weekly grounds pick-up & landscaping to name a few!).  Refer to the Rules & Regulations to ensure you are not found in violation of the lease (for example, having a grill on your patio or outdoor burning devices such as tiki torches).  These result in a $50/person fine per occurrence. Here’s the nitty gritty, although this list is not all-inclusive:


Utilities During Summer & Winter

Utilities must be kept ON for the duration of your lease term (per the Rules & Regulations), but you can definitely shut off the breaker for items that will be completely out of use when you’re gone.  Flip open the breaker box (it is located in the hallway).  There will be a large white sticker on the inside of the door that shows what each switch goes to.

You must leave on A/C (5, 7), Water Heater (9, 11), Furnace (6, 8), Network Panel (14), Lighting (16) & Bedroom 1/Smoke Detector (18).

You may shutoff the remaining switches, which are: Dryer (1, 3), Washing Machine (13), Garbage Disposal (15), Microwave (17), Dining/Kitchen (19), Refrigerator, if empty (21), Bathroom (23), Range (2, 4), Living Room (10), Dishwasher (12), Bedroom 2 (20), Bedroom 3 (22) & Bedroom 4 (24).

The numbers may be slightly different in your apartment.  Please keep in mind that both Harrisonburg Water & Sewer and Harrisonburg Electric Commission charge a monthly minimum, but this should help with the cost no less!


We want you to receive a full security deposit refund!  Here are our top 3 tips for items that commonly result in a security deposit deduction.  Don’t forget to visit our Move-out Checklist for more helpful advice.

  1. Graphic of a piggy bank with money going in itPlace a waterproof pad on your mattress and box spring to avoid mattress and box spring replacement(s) due to stains.
  2. Place non-adhesive liners in dresser and nightstand drawers to avoid replacement(s) due to discoloration/stains from liquid spills or from clothing/fabric dyes (cabinetry liners work great).
  3. Do not use adhesives. Instead, decorate with small picture nail hooks, thumbtacks or pushpins.



Security Deposit Examples

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