Your Responsibilities


Use the Right Dish Soap

Do not use gel packs in the dishwasher.  We recommend compressed powder packs, liquid or powder detergents.

Take Out the Trash & Recycle

Be sure to take your trash to the on-site dumpster bins regularly.  If grounds finds trash being stored on your porch/deck, they’ll remove it at the cost of a $50/person fine.  There are trash & recycling bins conveniently placed throughout the community – check out our map to find the one closest to your townhome.

Remember: Only items via fault OR neglect of the tenant result in a tenant charge.

Be proactive!


Change Your Air Filter

To ensure your heating and cooling system runs most efficiently and the air in your unit cleaner, replace your filter regularly (once per month is recommended). Dirty filters can cause your HVAC unit to work harder, thus costing YOU more on your electric bill and the possibility of incurring charges for HVAC repair if dirty filters caused an issue. If we find a dirty air filter during seasonal inspections, the replacement will be done at your expense since air filter replacements are tenant responsibility.

  • 2104-2300 – 3 air filters in each unit, one in each floor’s hallway behind the grate on the wall. Third floor hallway grate is up higher than the other 2, closer to the ceiling. Size is 14”x14”x1”
  • 2400-2420 – only ONE air filter in each unit, located in the AHC closet on the main level (closet next to the half bath). DIFFERENT SIZE THAN OTHER CT UNITS: Size is 16 3/8” x 21 ½”

Filters need to be fiberglass or poly (flat), NOT pleated. If a pleated air filter is found or the incorrect size is found, maintenance will replace with the correct size & type at tenant expense. Filters can be purchased from the CT office, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Pay Your Rent: Due 1st/Month Every Month

With the exception of your first months’ rent (your lease may not begin on the 1st/month), RENT IS ALWAYS DUE ON THE 1ST MONTH. Rent is late after the 1st. Our grace period extends through the 5th/month at 5pm. Late fees will be assessed at that time, which are 10% of the total monthly rent or $50 – whichever is greater. We accept check or money order payments at our onsite office year-round. Please make payments payable to Matchbox Realty. Unfortunately we cannot accept cash or credit card payments at our onsite office. We do offer online payment options, including affordable automatic payment options! Request your secure account number from Request your secure account number by contacting your Property Manager.


As Needed

Change Light Bulbs

There are 3 different sizes/types of light bulbs in your Charleston Townes Townhome:

  1. Living Room: Recessed lighting.  If a bulb needs to be replaced, please take one with you to the home improvement store to ensure you purchase the correct one.  The ceilings in the living room and kitchen are high and hard to reach.  You may sign out a ladder to use from the model home if you need to.
  2. Kitchen: The kitchen ceiling light with the white plastic cover needs a circular fluorescent bulb. To replace the bulb inside your kitchen light fixture, there are metal clips that secure the bulb in place (these are a little flexible). Unplug the light, and plug in the new light.  Be careful not to force the bulb as it will shatter.  We recommend you remove the bulb and take with you to the home improvement store to ensure you purchase the correct bulb with the correct wattage.
  3. Elsewhere: All other light fixtures in the apartment* take a standard bulb. Matchbox is a certified GREEN business under the Virginia DEQ   – Please purchase CFL bulbs when available.

*Please note that appliance bulbs (microwave, oven, fridge, etc.) may vary.  We recommend you remove the bulb and take with you to the home improvement store to ensure you purchase the correct bulb with the correct wattage.

Upkeep Furniture

The dining table sets & coffee table sets will often become loose with use.  Simply tighten the legs with a wrenchette to keep the furniture sturdy for optimal use. Don’t have a wrenchette? You can borrow one from us in the model!  Please make sure to use coasters and items that will protect you high usage furniture.


Plunge Toilet

If you’re unable to flush your toilet, please try to plunge it before submitting a work order.  If maintenance finds that the toilet is functioning properly with the exception of the clog itself, you’ll be responsible for the of cost of maintenance coming to plunge the toilet.  As a friendly reminder: Please keep in mind that flushing paper towels, feminine products, etc. WILL cause the toilet to clog.

Clear Drains

If a large water puddle forms when you shower, or in your sink when brushing your teeth – your drain may be clogged.  Please try an over-the-counter drain clearer first (such as Drano).  If maintenance finds that the drain is clogged from hair, for example, you’ll have to foot the bill.

Treat for Pests

Keeping your apartment pest-free is a less common occurrence, but worth mentioning! If an issue arises with pests in your apartment, please attempt to treat the pests yourself before submission of a work order. If you would like our recommendation on a product, don’t hesitate to ask. Often times, these work orders result in tenant responsibly. For example: Maintenance finds that an ant infestation in your apartment is due to a tasty, sweet fruit punch spilled on the kitchen floor.  An extermination treatment for this issue would result in tenant responsibility.

Change Smoke Detector Batteries

If you hear a faint chirping in your apartment, you aren’t going mad!  Chances are – you need to replace the smoke detector batteries in 1 or more of the smoke detectors in your apartment.  These take a 9V battery.  Maintenance personnel completed a smoke detector test prior to your move-in (new batteries were installed; detectors were tested).  If the batteries die during your lease term, be sure to promptly change them.  Rest assured that the smoke detectors are indeed backed up electronically between the time the chirping begins and the time you change the battery.  Unsure how to open the smoke detector to reach the battery?  Let us know!  Safety is our #1 priority, and fire safety is VERY important to us.

Pay Your Utility Bills

Water & electric must be kept ON and in your name(s) for the duration of your lease term. If you’ll be gone for the summertime or winter break, there are breakers you can shut-off in an effort to conserve energy & keep your bills low while you are away!  Visit Save Money to find out which.  For those that choose to shut-off either of these utilities, a $50/person fine will result.

If you dare to shut-off your electric, let us tell you a cautionary tale… There once was a group of young ladies who shut-off their electric for the entire summer – 3 months!  Maggots made themselves a home inside the controls of the fridge.  The entire fridge needed to be replaced! No one lived happily ever after.

Rules & Regulations - Alterations

The Rules & Regulations section of your lease provides invaluable information on payments, keys, maintenance and much more. We get a lot of questions about what you can and cannot alter in your apartment. Below is an excerpt from the Rules & Regulations that will answer many of these questions. If you have any additional questions, please contact us!

  • Tenant shall not remodel or make any structural changes, alterations or additions to the premises.
  • Tenant shall not paper, paint or decorate, or install, attach, remove or exchange appliances or equipment.
  • Tenant shall not use adhesives, tape, nails or poster putty on walls, ceilings, doors, etc.
  • Tenant should use a limited number of tacks or small pushpins for hanging objects on the walls only in order to minimize damage.
  • Tenant shall be responsible for any excessive damage to walls, and any damage to doors, woodwork, appliances, ceilings or fixtures caused by nailing, taping, or affixing in any manner pictures, posters, mirrors, hangers, or other items thereto.
  • Tenants shall be responsible for any special cleaning/disinfecting needed due to any medical condition (i.e. allergies to dust, smoke, animals, etc.)
  • Tenants understand that the numbers of telephone, cable and internet lines provided to the dwelling unit are provided in an “as is” condition.
  • The current exterior & interior locks CANNOT be changed without written permission from Landlord/Agent. If Tenant changes the original locks without permission, Tenant will be charged for the cost of immediately removing the locks and installing the original or new lock as well as the cost of the new lock.
  • Tenants shall use removable floor coverings (i.e. throw carpets) to cover 75% of any wood or other hard surface flooring in a unit.

Your Address

Read Our Emails

You’ll often receive emails from the Matchbox Realty Team, including your Property Manager & her Leasing Assistants but also from our Accounting Department Staff, Director of Marketing, Director of IT, Front Desk Receptionist & others! OUR INTENTIONS ARE NOT TO SPAM YOU; OUR GOAL IS TO PROVIDE IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR OBLIGATIONS & OUR COMMUNITY.

Examples of email notifications you may receive during your tenancy are:

The Official Renewal Notice: We would love for you to say with us year after year, so we always offer our current residents the first priority to renew.  If you miss the deadline, you may lose your townhome.

Past Due or Auto-Pay Notifications: If you paid rent online (or if you NEED to), Accounting will keep you in the loop.

Showing or Inspection Notices: For any non-emergency entry, we’ll provide 24+ hours’ notice.  Seasonal inspections include Winter Inspections (December) & Furniture Inspections (April).

Your lease, especially the Rules and Regulations section, outline all of your responsibilities.  All of these can be summed up by the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you want to be treated.” This includes your dwelling - treat it as if it were your own valuable piece of real estate that you want to last forever. Keep your place looking nice year round.  After all, it’s much easier to clean up once a week than once a year right before you move out.

Treat others as you want to be treated.

Input Your Correct, FULL Address for Online Orders

If you gave United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx or any other carrier an incorrect address, tracking down your package may be a hassle!  Be sure to include your FULL address when ordering online:

[First & Last Name]

[Building #]  Purple and Gold Way

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Are you missing a package?  We do not accept packages/mail at the onsite office.  That being said, there are a couple different possibilities…

• If your order was shipped via USPS, they normally place the package (if it fits) inside your mailbox.  If the package does not fit, they would have left a key inside your mailbox to open the larger compartment.  Sometimes undeliverable orders are sent back to USPS’ main Harrisonburg office, which is located on Route 11 (3811 South Main Street; Harrisonburg, VA 22801).  Have you checked there?

• If your order is shipped via UPS or FedEx, they would either leave the package at your door (if no signature is required) or have one of your roommates sign for the package.  FedEx often offers residents the opportunity to pick-up shipments in the evening from their  Ship Center – information on this option would’ve been left on a sticky note on your door.

• Do you have a tracking number?  If so, have you called UPS, Fedex or USPS directly to locate your order?


The Golden Rule

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