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When submitting a maintenance request, please be as detailed as possible. For example, if you are having an issue with one of your dryers, you will need to include which floor it’s on and what the specific problem is. If you’re submitting a maintenance request for your bedroom or bathroom, you need to include your bedroom number in the service issue. If you’re unsure what your bedroom number is, view our townhouse layouts to find out.

Are you unsure if a maintenance request is your responsibility to handle or ours?  Visit Your Responsibilities.

Submit a Maintenance Request

After Hours Request

If you have an after-hours property management EMERGENCY call 540-434-5150 x7 to be connected with our 24/7 answering service. If your emergency is life-threating, dial 911.

Maintenance Troubleshooting

Visit’s FAQ section to view helpful troubleshooting tips for common maintenance issues.

Power Outages



Garbage Disposal

Building Settling

Locking Windows

Power Outages

If you experience any unexplained power outages, be sure to check the Infographic of the parts of a breaker box including, breaker key, main breaker and breakers for the individual circuitsGFI outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms and your breaker box before creating a service issue. Having too many plugs in one area can cause a breaker or GFI to trip.

• The breaker box is located in the 1st floor hallway: All switches in the breaker box should be evenly aligned on one side. If there is one (or multiple) switch that is slightly out of alignment, flip the switch off (the opposite direction of the rest of the switches) and back on again.

• The GFI outlets are located in the kitchen (2) and bathroom (1 per). Press the square resetInfographic of a normal and tripped GFI outlet button – an amber light will appear. Press and hold the reset button in the middle of the plugs.

If that did not resolve the power outage, log onto your online account and create a service issue.




Leaks happen, most often they occur at a sink or toilet.  If you have a water leak in your kitchen or bathroom, you can shut off the water that flows to your sink or toilet.  Reach behind the sink or toilet, and turn the knob to shut the water off (righty – tighty, lefty – loosey).  If you’ve experienced a small or large leak, be sure to submit a maintenance request with your  online account to address the issue.


High Water Bill?

Suspect you have a water leak due to a higher than average water bill, but can’t find a leak in your apartment? Harrisonburg Water & Sewer says typical consumption for an individual ranges between 1,500-2,000 gallons per month. Multiply that by the number of people in your place & you should have a general idea how many gallons to expect on your bill. If you suspect a leak, but see no evidence of a water leak, check out the city’s site for what to do.  Don’t forget to let your property manager know, too!


If you’re experiencing issues with water backing up to your dishwasher, it’s most likely due to the garbage disposal. Please check the Garbage Disposal tab. If the tips do not work, log on to your online account to create a service issue.


Garbage Disposal

Maintenance commonly finds bottle caps or other foreign debris, food that a garbage disposal is not made to handle (such as crab legs/shells), or simply too much food put that has been put into the disposal which disallows the blades from functioning correctly.  In an attempt to avoid a tenant charge, please try the below troubleshooting tips:

1. Did you reset the garbage disposal? There is a red button on the unit underneath the sink.

2. Did you check for debris in the blades? You can loosen the blades with a wrenchette underneath the sink.

3. Additionally, here's a garbage disposal troubleshooting video.

If this doesn’t correct the issue, submit a maintenance request with your online account.

Building Settling

Does your bathroom or bedroom door no longer fit properly into the frame, or is your patio door just a tad too tight?  This is natural, and due to the building settling.  Since Charleston Townes were built from the ground up beginning in 2008-2009, the wood is still expanding/contracting as the temperatures warm up & cool down.  On average, a structure can take anywhere from 5-10 years to fully settle.  To offer a little piece of mind…if there are doors that no longer fit into closet/bathroom/bedroom frames, or there are paint cracks above the corner of your door(s), this is not via fault/neglect of the residents, and you will therefore not be held liable to correct those damages.  Simply submit a work order and we’ll handle the repair!


Locking Windows

The windows in your unit are referred to as “double hung”. With the way that these particular windows are designed, the top portion of the window (or top sash) can sometimes slide down when the windows are unlocked. To get them to lock, you will need to push the top window up, and at the same time, push the bottom window down. Your locking mechanisms should line up and you should thus be able to lock your window.

Your Responsibilities

Here are our most common maintenance items that result in a tenant charge.  This list is not all-inclusive.  Are you unsure if a maintenance request is your responsibility to handle or ours?  Visit Your Responsibilities!  You may also refer to the Maintenance Troubleshooting section of the Rules & Regulations or the Residential Lease for additional details.




Light Bulbs

Change Your Air Filter

To ensure your heating and cooling system runs most efficiently and the air in your unit cleaner, replace your filter regularly (once per month is recommended). Dirty filters can cause your HVAC unit to work harder, thus costing YOU more on your electric bill and the possibility of incurring charges for HVAC repair if dirty filters caused an issue. If we find a dirty air filter during seasonal inspections, the replacement will be done at your expense since air filter replacements are tenant responsibility.

  • 2104-2300 – 3 air filters in each unit, one in each floor’s hallway behind the grate on the wall. Third floor hallway grate is up higher than the other 2, closer to the ceiling. Size is 14”x14”x1”
  • 2400-2420 – only ONE air filter in each unit, located in the AHC closet on the main level (closet next to the half bath). DIFFERENT SIZE THAN OTHER CT UNITS: Size is 16 3/8” x 21 ½”

Filters need to be fiberglass or poly (flat), NOT pleated. If a pleated air filter is found or the incorrect size is found, maintenance will replace with the correct size & type at tenant expense. Filters can be purchased from the CT office, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Treat for Pests

Keeping your apartment pest-free is a less common occurrence, but worth mentioning! If an issue arises with pests in your apartment, please attempt to treat the pests yourself before submission of a work order. If you would like our recommendation on a product, don’t hesitate to ask. Often times, these work orders result in tenant responsibly. For example: Maintenance finds that an ant infestation in your apartment is due to a tasty, sweet fruit punch spilled on the kitchen floor.  An extermination treatment for this issue would result in tenant responsibility.

Paint Carefully & Skillfully

While repainting any and all tenant-painted wall(s) within your unit is tenant responsibility/cost, please don’t paint unless you have the skill & supplies to do so properly. Chances are, it’ll take more time (and thus more $) for a professional to correct a poor paint job than if you left the entire painted wall(s).

If you DO choose to re-paint the wall(s) yourself, please keep the following things in mind:

  1. Paint ages. If you do paint, be sure to paint entire walls at a time instead of touch-up in small areas (you’ll be able to tell where the “touchup” was done otherwise).
  2. EACH wall/door that you’re repainting will likely need 1-2 coats of primer first to fully cover the color.
  3. The color must match what we use. All colors/finishes are registered at the local Shenandoah Paints (Benjamin Moore) located at 313 Neff Ave, Harrisonburg, VA 22801 and MUST be obtained from this location only, to ensure it is in fact the correct color/finish and matches what’s already in the unit.

Below is the paint information for Charleston Townes. Please take note that what unit you are in, what you’re painting (wall vs. door/trim), and whether it is inside the unit vs. outside the unit will determine what color and finish you need.

  • Unit walls & ceilings (including kitchen/baths): China White Flat - Super Spec
    • * Units 2400 – 2420 are NOT THE SAME - ALL walls in these units are Eggshell NOT Flat *
  • Unit trim and doors (inside unit only): China White Semi-gloss
  • Unit doors (EXTERIOR): unit dependent - all are on file at store

Again, if you do NOT feel you can adequately return 1+ walls in your unit to the correct color (meaning, upon inspection, color is not still showing through and the surrounding ceiling, carpet and trim are paint-free) then leave as-is for our team to handle during Turnover after you move out! The cost for them doing so would then just be deducted from your security deposit.

Replace Light Bulbs

There are 3 different sizes/types of light bulbs in your townhome, and replacing them is tenant responsibility.  Visit Your Responsibilities for more information.

Internet Troubleshooting

Before contacting us, we kindly request that you complete this simple checklist:

  • Have you rebooted your computer/tablet, or other device?
  • Have you rebooted the router, located inside the mechanical closet?
  • If you have a weak signal, are you connected to the correct network?
  • If you have tried all of the above, you will need to contact your internet provider, Access Media at 1-866-263-0858.

If, upon completion of this checklist, the issue is still present, we welcome you to contact our Director of IT,  Include as much detail as possible (Is there an issue with all roommates’ devices?  Is the issue present throughout the apartment, or confined to a certain area? Etc.), as well as your address, in this email.


Work Orders for Common Areas/Amenities/Exterior

If an issue ever arises with the community common area amenities, please email your Property Manager Ashlie Hottinger at and we will be happy to address the issue.

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